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Church Insurance and Insurance for Other Religious Organizations

Church Insurance and insurance for other religious organizations are not that different from other businesses. Especially when it comes to their insurance needs. They both may have employees, routine traffic in and out of their buildings, property that may be stolen, vehicles they own, employees who work there, and so on. Like any other business, insurance can help churches protect themselves and their parishioners from these exposures. Here are some of the insurance policies we would recommend for churches. 

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General Liability Church Insurance

As mentioned, churches are no different from any other brick-and-mortar business. People are frequenting their property, which means there is exposure to liability losses and the potential for someone or something to be injured. For example, suppose it’s a rainy day and a worshiper enters the church, slips, and falls. Their injuries can be covered under the church’s general liability policy. 

Commercial Property Church Insurance

Carrying a commercial property policy is essential for most businesses, but especially churches or other houses of worship. Not only does a commercial property policy cover the structure of the building itself, but also the contents. Consider that many churches have pews, pulpits, religious relics, paintings, and other items of significance. If there was a fire or other event that affected these items, a commercial property would cover the damages. 

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

A business owners policy or, BOP protects a church’s building, property and liability. This policy bundles the general liability, and commercial property policies so you don’t need to buy each separately. It’s a better value and offers the protection you need in one policy. 

Workers Compensation

A workers compensation policy is essential for anyone employed at the church. This could be the pastor, any office workers, cleaning staff, musicians, etc… The state will require you to carry this coverage if you have at least one employee, but it’s a great policy to have regardless, as it provides medical expenses, death benefits and lost wages to workers injured on the job. 

Commercial Auto

Churches will occasionally have a car or van used to travel back and forth to charity events or other locations. In this case, a commercial auto policy is needed to cover the vehicle, as well as any damage you may cause. 

Learn More about Church Insurance

Depending on your church and what activities you are conducting, these policies may be all you need. However, it’s best to chat with an insurance expert who can tell you for sure. Our team at The Craven Agency is available to answer any questions you have and get you set up with the best insurance for your church. 

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