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What is Personal Insurance?

Buying a home and car are two of the most significant purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. As such, you want to protect these investments. What better way to do that than with personal insurance? 

Believe it or not, auto and home insurance have some nuances where working with an agent can be beneficial. Agents can be beneficial if you need any of the following policies.

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High-Value Home

Insurance standards consider a home valued over $750,000 as a high-value home. And this means that your policy needs will be different. Higher-valued homes require a thorough review to ensure all unique or ornate features are accounted for, which can impact the cost of replacing the home in a loss. You may also want to broaden the type of coverage you carry for your home itself or any personal property. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help you determine the best coverage for you.

Homeowners Insurance

All homeowners insurance policies aren’t created equal. In addition to having a highly valued home, some homeowners may also have special needs that many direct carriers can’t provide. For example, did you know that some dog breeds are ineligible to certain insurance companies? If you own a dog that happens to be on this restricted list, you could have a difficult time finding a company to insure you. Luckily, insurance agents work with various carriers and have more flexibility in home insurance options.

Pet Insurance

We can’t forget about your furry family members! In the same way you wouldn’t imagine foregoing health insurance for yourself or children, you don’t want to leave your pets without insurance either. Pet insurance works similiarly to health insurance in that it covers routine checkups, prescriptions, surgeries and hospitalizations. Many companies also provide coverage for certain hereditary conditions. Check to see what options are available for you and your pet!

Recreational Vehicles (RV) Insurance

RV insurance is a broad term that encompasses many types of recreational vehicles including ATV’s, travel trailers, motor homes and 5th wheels. While these policies do provide coverage for similar things that a standard auto policy does, they are designed specifically to protect the unique risks for each type of vehicle. Replacement cost coverage, vacation liability are personal property coverage are just some examples of additional coverages offered by RV policies.

Car Insurance

While car insurance is something you may have purchased previously on your own, working with an independent agent has some major benefits. First, because they work with a few different carriers, agents can easily compare rates to ensure you are getting the most affordable policy. In addition, a licensed agent is able to walk you through the various coverage options and advise on the ones you need. You will find the coverage you need at a price you can afford working with an insurance agent.

Renter's Insurance

If you rent your home, renters insurance is a must. Even if it’s not required as a condition of your lease, it is still a great idea. Renters’ policies provide protection for your personal property as well as liability for damages you may cause to others. For less than $50 a month for most basic policies, you can get coverage for your belongings as well as hundreds of thousand dollars in liability protection.


With death benefits and tax deferred growth, annuities are an excellent financial tool for retirement. Individuals purchase an annuity from an insurance company and make payments during an accumulation phase. This money is then distributed back to you, along with any gains from investments, during the payout phase. You can choose to have it paid in one lump sum or in periodic payments. Since there are different types of annuities, it’s imperative to check with a licensed agent on the best option for you.

Other Personal Insurance Policies

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