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Cyber Security

Good Morning everyone. This is my first attempt at a blog. My hope is that some will find it helpful. So here we go.

Cyber Security is important now more than ever. From protecting your personal data to big business. Everyone is vulnerable & it can completely shut you down or worse yet, wipe you out. Everyone knows to protect your passwords. Be mindful of phishing emails & always monitor your credit.

So you’re thinking what else can be done to minimize the damage if I happen to get attacked? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use prepaid cards when buying on line. This will keep the hackers out of your bank/credit card account. It would also limit the amount of loss to just that card.
  • Encrypt your data. Seems straight forward, but makes sense.

This the best way to keep hackers from gaining access to your information.

I know this is a no brainer, but make sure your system has all up to date & current updates & patches. It only takes a small hole for a breach & then they have access. You don’t want them stealing your data or worst yet, holding your system hostage. When that happens it can cost big bucks, especially if your in business.(think I’ll expand on this more in my next blog)

You can also purchase cyber insurance to protect & repair if you are attacked. Believe it or not most homeowners polices have an option for this & most in cases it only cost peanuts to add. It would help pay for things like, repairing your credit & monitoring. Restoring lost data files & beefing up your computer’s security protocols to avoid another attack. In some cases will pay the ransom if needed.

If you would like more information about this type of protection, I suggest you contact your agent or contact me & I’ll help any way I can. I will expand on this topic & how it relates to business on my next blog. Thanks so much.

Please feel free to comment, like, & share. Message me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for taking the time to read. Stay safe.