The Craven Agency Blog - Me, June, and the Rona

Me, June, and the Rona

Well it’s that time again. Time for another blog. While pondering what to write? First thought was to write about insurance. Then I thought no, how about politics. (lol not really) Then I came down with COVID-19. So, I figured you might like some insight on how it affected us. In short, so far so good.

Not sure where I picked it up, but I suspect it was Wednesday or Thursday a couple of weeks ago. I was in the office a lot that week and meeting with clients and so on. I stayed masked up most the time if I remember correctly. All was well and so was I. By the weekend, Saturday morning to be exact, started feeling like I was coming down with a head cold. Symptoms were a mild runny nose mainly. I remember thinking it’s just a head cold or allergies or something. I played a round of disc golf that morning. By the afternoon, started feeling a little wonky. So, off the store I go to pick up the quils. (Day/NyQuil) Going to head it off at the pass.

The next morning woke up super-hot with an aching body. Of course, I just chocked it up to a good round of disc golf. Still thinking it’s a head cold, I decided to see if runny nose was a symptom of the deadly Rona virus. To my relief I did not see were it was. Shew! All good now. By the afternoon that day I felt fine. (took more Dayquil) Rocking along next couple of days. (started watching June like a hawk) then all of the sudden (while drinking coffee) lost my taste and smell. My first thought was, hey what’s up with this coffee? Tastes like hot water. Lol My next thought was, oh no!! I Got the Rona!! NNOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ok, I got it! What to do? My first thought was to assume the worst and just hunker down. Then I thought no, I need to get tested, I need to know for sure. By this time June is showing the same symptoms I had (runny nose, etc.) Off I go to get tested and wouldn’t you know it. Came back positive. Darn, no luck. I have it. Well into sequester we go.

That has been the worst of it so far, thank goodness. Now I did get out to mow the yard yesterday, and for the first time I felt some mild discomfort in my chest. Nothing to unbearable but felt like a weight was on my chest. There you have it. That is up to the minute. June’s doing good. Wish us luck.

Oh! One more thing. Please everyone do your part for just a short period of time, and mask up/distance, we can get this thing under control, like they have in some countries overseas, and we can open up and back to normal.(with or without a vaccine) Hope this was informative.

Stay safe everyone