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Hello everyone, it’s been a minute since our last visit. It’s been go, go, go, all the time for me. Now that we are well on our way into 2023, it’s time to get back on track. Full disclosure, I’ve been dealing with a little bit of the writer’s block as well. Even been wrestling with if I should even release this. Truly, this has really nothing to do with insurance and it’s kind of personal, so I’m like, who would want to read about this/me. Just so happens I ran into a few friends the other day and they were asking when another blog was going to drop, so I said to myself, F’ it, I’m going to do it!!

So, here ya go, as usual, my apologies for the writing and grammar (I’m not a writer) love to hear from y’all, well here it is.

All my life, I’ve always had trouble with letting go with just about everything. People, pets, business, and so on. Doesn’t matter the category. For example, Pet’s, I love them, enjoy them, but I don’t want another one, because it’s too dang hard for me to say goodbye. I’m not sure where this came from, maybe it was my brief stint in foster care when I was a child, but it’s something I have come to except as part of who I am.

With two failed marriages in the rear view, (the last one did a dozy on me). It’s been almost 3 yrs. since she left, and I still struggle with living in the now and letting her go.

I know, I know, time heals all wounds, Yada, yada, yada, but this one seems to be taking its own sweet time. Maybe I love too hard? If there is such a thing.

Recently I was driving, and you know how some songs just seem to reach in and grab you? Well, this one did. It was Bob Seger’s Like a Rock, and it was the inspiration for this post. The song had got me to thinking about my fear of loss and my dogged pursuit of my dreams.

Here are a few of the lyrics that seem to resonate with me.
I was 18, didn’t have a care
Working for peanuts, not a dime to spare
But I was lean and solid everywhere
Like a rock
My hands were steady, my eyes were clear and bright
My walk had purpose, my steps were quick and light
And I held firmly to what I felt was right
Like a rock

Of course, this part harkens me back to my younger years. Think we all can relate some what, when we’ve got the tiger by the tail with plenty of life and dreams to pursue. Seems like yesterday.

Then this part of the song came and hit me like a ton of bricks….
20 years now, where’d they go? (In my case make it 30 yrs)
20 years, I don’t know
I sit, and I wonder sometimes
Where they’ve gone
And sometimes late at night
Oh, when I’m bathed in the firelight
The moon comes callin’ a ghostly white
And I recall, I recall…

You are probably thinking, how does his not letting go turn into a blog about chasing your dreams. Maybe the not letting go, is tied to the pursuit of my dreams? This got me to thinking about my dreams in the present day and how I still pursue them daily.

Here I am, in the Autumn of my life (to steal a line from another one of his songs) still chasing those all-elusive proverbial dreams. That said, this is all I know. Always pushing to be better, to grow, to continue fight for those dreams. To make the world just a little bit better, to bring happiness to others, to persevere, to chase those freakin dreams, always…….

So hopefully, you found this somewhat entertaining or interesting. Thought I’d give you guys a peek behind the curtain or should I say, a peek behind the curtain of the great and powerful OZ,

I mean, Russ. Until next time…