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My Passion for Insurance

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next blog to drop. I apologize for the delay. To be honest, this one has turned out more difficult to write than the first one. I have a hard time writing, let alone writing about myself. Anyways, was thinking, what can write for the blog, and mentioned this to my brother. He suggested I write a little bit about myself, give a little insight to who I am, and what it’s like from this perspective. So, I got to thinking, what If I wrote about my passion for insurance, and what drives me to help people. So here we go…..

Guess you can say, I’ve always had some sort of hero complex. As far back as I can remember, I always loved the hero. Growing up watching everything from The Super Friends to Star Wars (greatest movie of all time, BTW) I’ve wanted to be the guy that swoops in at the last minute and saves the day. Of course, having no superpowers of any sort does not help much either. (unless you count my powers of observation) lol Not sure where my loving/caring nature comes from. Possibly my parents perhaps? Even though I grew up (for the most part) in a single parent household, I learned early on, you need to give as much as you can, to make this world a better place. Besides, it’s the only one we have. Right? So, as I grew, I set off to do just that. Now I’m not saying I’m a saint, oh no, far from it, but I tried doing the right thing whenever I can, and still trying (everyday) to make a small difference in this world of ours.

Thinking back, I had a chance to get into the industry some 30 years ago in my early 20’s and had passed on the opportunity at the time (wish I hadn’t now) for whatever reason. May have been that I did not want to be associated with the negative connotation of being an insurance salesman. As it turns out, I was so wrong about the insurance industry. I Digress, many moons later, I was in the Manufactured Housing industry and the opportunity presented itself, once again. (this time I wised up & jumped in with both feet) With the mind set to help as many people as I could with their insurance needs. Off to class I went in search of the knowledge needed and to get all trained up. There I was, in the pre-licensing class, and our instructor tells us his story, and I was like, there it is, there’s my why, right there.

The story goes something like this. (I’m paraphrasing of course) His father had passed away when he and his bother were young. Fortunately, they had a small life insurance policy that truly helped get the family through such a devastating loss. I could only image what it was like for the family at the time. Then the thought occurred to me about what it would have been like if they didn’t have the much-needed safety net. Who knows what could have happened? Possibly could have lost the house, or not had enough money to make ends meet. No college for the kids. Right then and there it just clicked for me, it totally made sense. I wanted to be that guy that helps people protect what’s most important. The things that really matter to them.

So, there you go. That is why I’m so passionate about insurance. I get to help people when they need it most. Which in its own little way, I feel like I’m making a small difference in people’s lives.

Hope you like the blog. This one was super hard write. Hopefully the next one won’t be. Once again, I apologize for the writing and the grammar (I’m not a writer)

Love to hear from yah, I’ve included a pic of aunt June & I laughing it up

Y’all stay safe & Happy Halloween!