The Craven Agency Blog - Insecurities


Hello everyone, It’s that time again. Time for another killer blog. ( I’m joking of course) So what to write about this month? HHHmmmm, can write about the Christmas Holidays, nah, people are probably burnt out on that already. How about more on the Rona? Nope, can you say COVID-19 fatigue? Can write about insurance business or can write about loneliness. Really don’t know what to write about, to be honest. You know, I’d like to think I have tons of meaningful things to say. Like earth shattering, monumental stuff. Really thought-provoking stuff.

Sure, I’ve got tons of opinions. But who wants to hear about that? I mean, really. How about what’s it like taking care of a special needs person. There’s some real exciting stuff right there. I know, how about, I write about commercial ins and the importance of business interruption, blah blah blah. Think everyone has figured that out by now, with all the Covid floating around.

Just when I was about to throw in the towel, and while on morning run, I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned something insightful. They were discussing insecurities. So, I thought to myself, there is something to write about, right there. I have an abundance of insecurities, right?! HHHmmm, what am I insecure about and what would people be interested in reading about, HHHmmm….

Well, maybe one of my insecurities is, letting people down. I always try my best, to say what I mean and mean what I say. Now when I say I am going to do something; I try my best to make it happen. Please keep in mind I am human, and have my fair share of short comings, but if I make a promise, I’m going to do my very best to follow through. I wouldn’t want to let anyone down. So, there’s one. Back when I was in the manufactured housing industry, I would tell our clients we wanted to exceed their expectations and I wouldn’t want to have to run and hide from them if I saw them out at the store.

I’ve always been concerned about making a catastrophic mistake, about pretty much anything. Now I’m not talking about those little oppsies mistakes, I’m talking about the big ones. Like for instance, making a bad business decision and it costing you your business or, worse that it would effect someone else in a negative way around you, or the people you love the most. Understanding there is an adherent amount of risk in just about anything you do, you still do not want to screw up if you can help it. I’ve always admired the folks who can just jump right in there and what ever happens, happens. (you know who you are)

I tend to take a more cautious approach. Which hopefully would translate into one heck of a great insurance agent/agency owner for that very reason. That said, I’ve already eclipsed 500 words and wouldn’t want to bore you to death. (too late,lol) So, there you go, there’s a couple of things I am insecure about. I’ll try to think of more exciting ones to share in future blogs. In the mean time I’d love to hear your feedback & suggestions, once again I apologize for the writing, (I’m not a writer at all, and thank Goodness for spell check)

Happy New Year to Everyone and Stay Safe.